Spaulding International Creations - Grips

                                                (SICgrips LLC)

The SICgrips name has its roots in a company started by my son Jesse. It focuses on outdoor and extreme sports videos, video contracting services, aerial and time-lapse videography, and the manufacture of innovative videography equipment. Many of the photos on this website were provided by SICvisuals.

Wanting to try and develop a family identity for various other business ventures, I adopted a related name using the SIC abbreviation and my company was born as SICgrips. SICgrips LLC is a small cottage industry that thrives on creativity, innovation, and a direct-to-customer relationship. We strive to offer a quality product and back it up with thorough and friendly customer service. We also a few select US dealers and retailers/distributions in most major European countries as well as south Korea and Taiwan.

Gstring Climbing Grips are only the first of a number of products envisioned to help climbers both maintain and improve climbing contact and core strength when it’s not possible to train in a gym or on the rocks. Check back here frequently for announcements of new innovative training products for the climber.

Other Spaulding International Creations ventures envisioned for the future include exotic gourmet coffee, and travel and adventure opportunities.