Temporary Mounts

Pull-up bar

Probably the easiest and most versatile way to hang Gstrings is from a removable pull-up bar in a doorway. The one shown here is the Iron Gym bar. It goes up and down extremely quickly and can be stored out of the way in a closet. It can also be used for travel by taking apart the bar and carrying in a suitcase. This is perfect for someone who does’t want to permanently put holes in their walls. The hang loops of the Gstring are hung from the handles that face out towards the climber. Because they hang down, all exercises done on the Gstrings will need to be done with the legs bent. Other pull up bars may also work, though they may need to have a short sling girth hitched to the bar and then an “S” hook or ‘biner used to connect the Gstrings to the bar.  


Tree or horizontal beam

Gstrings can be hung temporarily from a large tree branch or any beam or rafter by girth hitching a sling or piece of webbing of appropriate length. Attach the Gstrings to the sling with ‘biners or 3/8” stainless “S” hooks from any hardware store.


Additional temporary mounts

Here are two other low impact ways to mount Gstrings. Adapt them to your specific location and materials you have available. No responsibility (expressed or otherwise) is assumed by SICgrips for any specific implementation of these ideas. Use and adapt them at your own risk. Consult an engineer or carpenter if you have questions about your location and how to best to create a mount specific to your situation.

Hallway Bridge

A temporary and removable Hallway Bridge between two opposing doorways in a hall can be an easy, cheap and harmless method for mounting Gstrings. Supplies needed are: 1 - 2” x 4” x width of hallway; 2 - 1” x 2” x width of each doorway; 6 - 3” #12 or #14 wood screws; 2 - 1/2” diameter eye bolts, nuts and 2 washers; and wood glue. The 2 x 4 is cut ~1/4” less than the width of the hallway. The 1” x 2” are glued and screwed - one to each end of the 2” x 4”. Once glued and screwed together, it can be tilted and set into place resting on the doorway moldings. For this method to be adequately strong, the doorway molding needs to be solid wood or metal and firmly attached to the wall. When the Gstrings are removed from the bolts, nothing interferes with the function of the doors or hallway. The Hallway Bridge can be easily lifted out and stored behind a door if desired or it can be left in place.


The Hallway Bridge provides adequate space to work out in a hallway and can be left in place.


It provides more vertical space than hanging the Gstrings from a pull-up bar.


In this particular version, one side rail is shorter than the other because one doorway was narrower.


This view shows the 1/2” eye bolts that were hacksawed to make “J” bolts.


View of the top side of bridge showing the nuts and large diameter washers.

A better and simpler alternative to the “J” bolt shown above, is to use a 3/8” carriage bolt - either vertically or horizontally through the cross-bar. The horizontal mounting of the carriage bolts will give the thinnest profile for storing behind a door. If mounted vertically, the shank would extend above the horizontal cross-piece and the Gstring hang-loop would be looped over the top of it. For Gstring PROs, the carriage bolt would need to be mounted horizontally for the ‘biner.

Diagonal Bridge

If hallway with doors opposing each other is not available, but there are two doorways diagonal to each other, try the Diagonal Bridge version illustrated below. In this version the diagonal beam should be a 2” x 6” since there is a longer span to bridge. The Diagonal Bridge needs to be secured in place while in use, since it could easily come out. One solution is to use two small ” L” brackets, extending down from the side rails into the corner. This holds it against the molding to keep it from shifting out of the corner (see green circle), but still allows it to be easily lifted up and out for storage. Alternatively, it could be held in places by nailing into the top of the doorway moulding in one or two places. There would be no visible hole(s) when removed because they are on the top side of the molding. However, this would makes it more permanent and not easily removed for temporary storage.



Additional Temporary Mounting Ideas

  1. Gstring Gallows - A folding hanger for Gstrings. A bit involved to make but super slick.

  2. Gstring Backboard - Gstrings hang semi-rigidly on a removable board that uses a commercial pull-up bar. Can also be adapted to mount a hangboard or T-nuts for commercial holds. Do-it-yourself for <$20

  3. Gstring Baseboard Similar to above but without needing a pull-up bar (coming).



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